International - 2012

A large T-SQL project to allow the implementation of multiple back end Microsoft Dynamics databases. The database objects were written using Visual Studio 2010 database projects and database unit testing.

Core Services - 2011

A WCF service project that was self-hosted in windows services. Extensive use of Unit Testing and some MSBuild projects. The service and supporting dlls were written using Visual Studio 2010 and C#.

Media Pulse - 2011

This project consisted of making updates to an internal facing ASP.Net website. I added Unit Tests to all code changes to insure compliance with the specifications.

Canadian Tax - 2011

Adaptation of SQL Server stored procedures to allow Canadian Tax Rules to be applied to sales made in that country.

BIF Portal - 2011

Conversion of an ASP.Net website from the .NET Framework 2.0 to the .NET Framework version 4.0. The conversion was made and all resulting defects resolved. The database access was also converted from LINQ to SQL to EntityFramework 4.0 and LINQ to Entities.

Title Dashboard - 2011

This ASP.Net website monitored the health state of all components in the LINC Title applications. I later rewrote this website in ASP.Net MVC 3.

LINC Title - 2010, 2011

LINC Title allows loan processors to request Title for a loan they are working on. The application was a WCF service that communicated with a legacy system, and would send and recieve messages through BizTalk with an external Title broker.

International Trade in Arms Regulations Part Classification - 2008, 2010

An application that allowed engineers at a large defense contractor to classify parts used in their product so that they would not be sold to hostile foreign countries. In addition to the classification functions the application would allow supply chain personel to obtain the required certifications from third party vendors whose parts were used in the clients manufacturing and assembly process. This project utilized C#, DevExpress, Oracle, PL/SQL, TOAD and Click-Once deployment.

Lost Time - 2009

This C# project reads the timekeeping database and determines how much time an employee was not at work when they should have been. The project allowed the employee to monitor their own lost time and allowed management to monitor the lost time for all employees under them.

Helicopter Performance Comparator - 2010

An application, suitable for laptop deployment, that allowed salsemen to compare their helicopter performance with their competition. The output allowed the salse personel to show their prospective clients the performance comparisons in graphic form and to print the graphic representation and supporting data. This project used C#, DevExpress and SQL Server Compact Edition.

Termite - 2010

A dll containing a set of functions to help with xml, constants, regex strings, controls, collections, domain objects and enumerations. Written in C#.

Radar - 2010

A framework written for a defense contractor to help thier developers standardize their code.